Here you will find information on frequently asked questions by our users. If the answer you are looking for can't be found here, please contact us, via email or using the contact form.


How do I make a user account?
To create an user account, please click here. Please note: creating an user account does not give you access to full article views, or the ability to download PDFs or ePubs unless you have purchased those options. See more information on why you would need to create an user account in order to purchase an item.

I forgot my password, how do I request a new one?
To request a new password, navigate to the Request New Password page, which is linked underneath the user login area on the left sidebar. Enter in your email and follow the instructions further indicated in the email you receive. If you wish to change your password for whatever reason, you may also use this method to do so.

How can I mark an article to view later or as a favorite?
If you have found an article that you find particularly interesting or informative and would like to save for future reading, simply click the Add to Favorites link in the box located to the right of the abstract. It will be then saved as a favorite on your account.

To view an article you have saved as a favorite, you can access your personal account information page, listed as My Account on the right-hand sidebar. A list of articles you saved as favorites will appear under the Favorite Articles section of your account. For convenience, there is also a Favorite Articles link listed directly on the right-hand sidebar; when clicked, it will bring you to a list of all your favorite articles. Here you have the option to remove any articles from your favorites.

I am a site license user, but can’t get access to anything.
Please make sure you are using a computer that is using a recognized IP address. If so, please contact us at admin@physsportsmed.com so that we can investigate the issue on our end. Please provide us with the IP address you are attempting to access the site with.

I just purchased an online subscription, why haven’t I received an email with my login information?
Please make sure that the email you have signed up with is functioning and is accessible. If it is not a properly functioning email address, please contact us with your order information and we will look up your customer information, and change your email and reset your password for you. If you know your email address is working, please contact us with your order information.

I just purchased an online subscription, but my login information doesn’t work!
Please use the one-time login link provided in the email you receive after your purchase, as it will direct you to enter in a new password. Please make sure that you are correctly entering in your account details.


Do you allow advertising on the site?
Yes, please see our Advertising page for more information.


I would like to buy this article, why is there no option to purchase a PDF or ePub?
Often with our older catalog of issues, we do not have PDFs or ePubs available. We are working on making all our back content available in PDF and ePub formats. We have the majority of our back content available in print, please contact us with information about the article you wish to purchase, and if we have it available, we are able to scan the article and create a PDF for you to purchase.

If the article you wish to purchase is our newest content: All our newest content is made available to read on the website before the PDFs and ePubs are created. Please be patient, the accompanying PDFs and ePubs should be available within one week of a new issue being placed on the site.

Please contact us with information about the article you wish to purchase, and we will do our best to make it available to you.

I would like to read an article published prior to 1996, how can I view this?
Articles published in print prior to 1996 are only available via document delivery. Please see here for more information.


All information for authors is located under the Authors tab on the navigation menu.

What are the journal’s submission guidelines?
The journal’s submission guidelines are located on the Submission Guidelines page, which is directly located in the drop down menu underneath the Authors tab.

This page contains a variety of information such as a brief description of the The Physician and Sportsmedicine publication, information on how to submit an article for review and publication in The Physician and Sportsmedicine, types of articles The Physician and Sportsmedicine accepts, how to organize your article, article submission deadlines, author fees , and other general guidelines authors should know of if they plan to publish in The Physician and Sportsmedicine.

How do I submit a manuscript?
The Physician and Sportsmedicine uses an online submission system where manuscripts can be submitted. The Submit a Manuscript page (linked in the drop down menu from Authors) contains all the guidelines for authors to submit their manuscripts to The Physician and Sportsmedicine. Manuscript submissions should include a cover letter, manuscript, figures/tables, permissions, and an author release and disclosure form.

Do you have a call for papers?
Yes! The Call for Papers page is linked on the right-hand sidebar of the site. Here you will find basic information about publications the journal is currently seeking papers for. Please click on the month’s name to view specific topics desired for the publication.

Are reprints available?
Yes, authors published in The Physician and Sportsmedicine redeem the right to order reprints. Please see our Reprints page for more information.

If you are a co-author of a recently published article in The Physician and Sportsmedicine:
Co-authors receive a complimentary one year online subscription to The Physician and Sportsmedicine. We automatically create the account for you with the email address on file. You will receive an email explaining further instructions on how to access and update your new account's information. If you already have an account with us, sign in and check to make sure you have yearly access! If not, contact us and let us know.

Continuing Education

Does The Physician and Sportsmedicine offer CEUs?
Unfortunately, The Physician and Sportsmedicine does not offer continuing education units for its content.

Editorial Board

Where can I find information about the journal’s editorial board?
Should you have any questions or seek information regarding the editorial board for Physician and Sportsmedicine, the Editorial Board information page is linked in the right-hand sidebar, as well as in the footer navigation of the site.

Free Articles

What do the free articles contain?
Free articles contain both Patient Notes and Practice Pearls pulled from the journal's back catalog, as well as future submissions.

Practice Pearls provide clinicians with a practical, easy to apply mini review of original research that creates a crisp account of care and treatment techniques derived from the latest primary research. Online practice pearls provide helpful information written from latest clinical research to use in daily clinical practice. We encourage authors to read other Practice Pearls to get an idea of the type of information that we publish. All Pearls are pre-screened for relevance upon receipt and then reviewed by a peer review team headed by the Editor-in-Chief for acceptance or rejection.

Patient Notes are handouts that physicians provide to patients to help answer their questions about a specific disease, diagnosis, or diagnostic technique. Patient Notes are written in a language that patients easily understand. Patient Notes typically feature health care information that patients use to understand a disease's state, symptoms and treatment options. Typically submissions are between 500-800 words in length.

iPad App

Click here to download ResearchShare's user manual.

I know the date of publication for an article I wish to read, how do I find it?
To locate an article based on the date of the issue in which the article was published, access the Browse tab. A list of issues organized by publication year and month will be shown and you can click any of them to locate a specific article in that issue. You may also directly view the table of contents for later publications to view author information, and print volume and issue number.

I want to search for a specific keyword.
If you wish to locate articles based on their keyword(s) or subject matter, simply type the subject in the search bar and click Search. A list of relevant articles that match your search criteria will then appear on the resulting page.

Shopping Cart and Purchases

I purchased a PDF and/or ePub, but the link provided in the email to download the file doesn’t work.
If you are receiving errors when you click on the download link provided in the email sent to you, try to access the file download by logging into your account, and navigating to My Account > Files. There should be a list of all the available downloads you have for your account. Locate the article (by doi) you wish to download, and click the link. It should prompt you to save or open the file on your desktop. You have three attempts to download the article. If these should expire, please contact us and we will do our best to fix the error.

I am attempting to get a free article, but the site is requiring me to enter my payment information in. Why?
This error occurs because the article you are attempting to retrieve is not available in any downloadable format, and is only accessible to read on the site. It is not a free article, but our shopping system will still try to process an order. Your credit card will not be charged, and you will not receive anything if you try to go through with the order. This is an unavoidable side effect of how our shopping system is set up, and we apologize for any confusion this error may cause.

I have items in my cart, but when I go to checkout, it says my cart is empty!
This is because you are attempting to checkout anonymously. Please create a user account here, or login to your existing account, and attempt to make your purchase again. If the error still remains, please contact us so that we may look into it.


How do I subscribe?

All subscription pricing information can be located under the Subscribe tab.

Where can I find subscription information?

Further subscription information can be located by clicking on the Subscription Information link in the drop down menu under the Subscribe tab.

Why should I subscribe to Postgraduate Medicine?

Subscription benefits can be located by clicking on the Subscription Benefits link in the drop down menu under the Subscribe tab.

Where can I find the Subscription Terms of Use?

All subscription terms of use can be located by clicking on the Subscription Terms of Use link in the drop down menu under the Subscribe tab.

What is a site license?

A site license, available for institutions and corporations, gives any desktop access to the site and its features, as long as the desktop is using a recognized and licensed IP address of the institution. Site license documents can be located by clicking on the Site Licenses link in the drop down menu under the Subscribe tab.

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